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                        A MOMENT I'LL NEVER FORGET

The day I took my little boy to the ballpark for the very first time
He wore his cap and glove, my little man, standin' in the ticket line
I took his hand and led him up the ramp
We made our way out on the upper deck
His eyes lit up when he saw that green grass
That's a moment I'll never forget

The crowd had started thinning out, the game was over by the bottom of the eighth
So we headed down to the good seats, right behind third base
Next batter swung, the foul ball came toward us
I caught it one bounce off the steps
I was proud to hand it to my son
That's a moment I'll never forget

     Later on, out in the parking lot, he clutched his treasure in his hands
     Looked up at me - all one big grin - and said, thank you, dad

Then he saw a younger boy, in a wheelchair, and he thought for a while
But before he got into the car, he asked me to wait, and he smiled
It was quite a sacrifice he made
He put the ball in that boy's mitt
Should've seen that little guy's face
That's a moment I'll never forget

Should've seen the pride on my face
That's a moment I'll never forget

  Written by Mark Cameron, Seth Jackson, and Jeff Stewart
  Copyright Mark Cameron / Row Town Music (ASCAP) / Blue Clover Music (ASCAP)